We were at EXPOMED Fair as Acibadem University Incubation Center.

As Acibadem University Incubation Center, we participated in EXPOMED Eurasia Fair, which hosts hundreds of local and foreign medical firms and brings the profession together under the same roof every year, by being the indispensable business platform of medical industry.

Many entrepreneurs, panelists and speakers advocated the didactic nature of mistakes within the event that was organized with the motto of “Keep No Record of Wrongs”.

Many entrepreneurs, panelists and speakers attended ‘Sectoral Experiences’ activity that was organized at our Incubation Center. They advocated the didactic nature of mistakes in response to success stories that were told with ‘Keep No Record of Wrongs’ motto. In the event, Esra Talu, Murat Izmirlioglu, Barbaros Unlu, Assc. Prof. Levent Altınbas and Ilem Ozcan delivered speeches to the participants about the experiences they have gained by their mistakes on the road to entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneurs, who applied to our center, attended our first stage assessment presentations.

All entrepreneurs, who have applied with their innovative ideas, have qualified to attend our assessment presentations upon passing the first stage and presented their projects.

ORTUS, company of Onur Dogan, who is one of our entrepreneurs, is in Dubai by the support of Oracle.

Ortus Informatics, which happens to be the 2nd start-up company supported by Oracle in Turkey, earned itself a spot in Oracle Open World Dubai Program and enjoyed the opportunity of introducing their project.

Awards from KADEM to our entrepreneurs Osman Cingitas and Ebru Ibar

Osman Cingitas and Ebru Ibar are two of our entrepreneurs who received KADEM AWARD at ‘4th Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ contest by being selected within the first 5 contestants for their “Prevention of Complications for Semi and Fully-Dependent Inpatients” project.

Entrepreneurs were provided Preclinical Anatomy Education

Acibadem University provided Preclinical Anatomy Education for two of our entrepreneurs, Prof. Dr. Tarik Ozkul and Prof. Dr. Haluk Ozkul, who are developing a diagnostic device for Eustachian Dysfunction.

Acibadem University Board of Regents Chairman Mehmet Ali Aydınlar Listened to Center’s Projects

Following projects of Incubation Center were presented to Acibadem University Board of Regents Chairman and Office of the Chancellor in a meeting: “Infectious Diseases Diagnostic Kit”, “Wearable EKG and EEG Devices”, “Wound Treatment with Cornea”, “Annihilation of Stress-related Problems/Diseases (Migraine, Tinnitus, Fibromyalgia etc.) Without Medication”.

In the end of the presentations, it is decided that the 2nd phases of “Wearable EKG and EEG Devices” and “Infectious Diseases Diagnostic Kit” projects would be granted financial support.